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I'm getting married!!@

Well it's my turn. We decided after 9 years to get married (although one missed attempt, when we decided to ditch the wedding and go on holiday instead)

We are old lol 46 and 55 years and have 7 kids and grandkids between us and a big extended family, with no friends we can make numbers up to 100.

Just like any bride and groom ( added groom after I reread this, it's all about me lol) we had to work out what was important to us, who did we want watching us tie the knot, what would it be like, where would it be, what did we want to spend?

Those questions kind of sealed the deal and planned the wedding itself. We wanted our kids grandkids and parents, we didn't want to call it a wedding but a family gathering, we wanted to spend as little as possible (as spending quality time as a couple in time away is number a number 1 priority for us) we wanted it to be local to us because of the family and apart from that I wanted a vintage feel.

What next you ask? Yes I'm asking the same question....I'll let you know next.

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