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To Rustic or not to Rustic, that is the Question!

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

According to, 'Rustic Weddings' are the new trending wedding theme! And I suppose this leads on from one of the trends for 2017 which is ‘Greenery’

When talking wedding décor then rustic and vintage are often entwined and are undoubtable a perfect partner but there are differences and can be separated as individual styles.

To explain the difference in very simple terms rustic is a very natural look, weathered, and time worn were as vintage is more refined, classic romantic and era centred.

#Rusticstylewedding venues are often outdoor ceremony or held in a barn. Enthused by nature using earthy colour tones, unfinished woods, moss, leaves and other natural textures such as using twine, mason jars, wooden crates, chalkboards and logs all represent a rustic style.

Rather than a colour for flowers for this style, be season led. Baby’s breath is a fan of rustic, elegant and simple, great for adding a touch of colour.

#hessian is a must for a rustic wedding and is so versatile. It can be used as table runners, table cloths, bunting and covers for the hay seats.

Wooden crates can be used as props and ladders can be used as a table plan or memory frame display, displaying photographs of loved one who could not be with you. Chalk board signs around your venue with cute saying that can be personalised and have a charm about them.

Rustic unquestionably oozes handmade whether its food, decoration or favours this must be a must. Cheese cakes are becoming very popular and homemade chutneys would go well together.

Finally, don’t forget those special touches, like homemade fans to keep your guests cool or blankets for the cooler evening of outside fun and don’t forget the other practical’s that will keep your guest happy, swatters to swat the nasty bugs away even sun cream.

Rustic conjures up a relaxed and laid back atmosphere of comfort and homeliness for you and your guest. It can be simple and elegant and earthy and often ‘less is more’ with this type of style, so think minimal.

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