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Top Table Tactics

This week has been busy meeting couples who need to finalise their wedding styling. The tough question and the one that give couples the glazed over or deer in the head lights look is the top table.

Who Sits Where?

Tradition states the chart below.

People who have divorced parents, or their own small children know the dilemma of deciding who goes on their top tables. Just do what is best for you and your family.

No matter what type of top table plan you choose make sure that those tables closest to you are reserved for your closest friends and family.


The head table should be distinctive. It’s the wedding breakfast’s focal point and will be in lots of photographs. So here are some things to think about when styling your table.

What is behind your top table? As this is just as important as what is on it? Is it a plain wall, large windows or a huge fire place? Add hanging hoops with greenery in the windows, add vases with candles to a fire place adding a twinkle backdrop or flower wall to hide anything ugly can all add to making the top table the beautiful focal point it should be.

(image from google)

(image from google)

How many bridesmaids are you having? Re-use the bouquets of your bridesmaids and yourself. Check with your florist as to the type of vase you will need, then add coloured or plain water beads. Make it a bridesmaid’s responsible for putting the bouquets into the vases before anyone enters the room for the first time. This is a perfect, gorgeous and a cost-effective way to decorate your table.

Anything tall place at the end of the table, remember people want to see you so don’t go over board with top table decorations.

Distinguish the bride and groom’s chair either with bride and groom signs or having a different kind of chair altogether. Think about personalising name places on this table with photographs in frames of people in their younger years. It all adds to personalising your wedding. It’s those extra special details that create a wow factor.

Swags are still popular. Ask your venue how they cover the top table as some venues use pleated table skirts. Think about using bunting, dangling ivy and greenery down the table and adding coloured bows.

Remember top tables do not need to match the other tables, think about how the head table relates to the other keeping it in the same style.

(image from google)

(image from google)

(image from google)

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