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What do you call vintage!?

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

There are so many decades that can be combined into the #vintageweddingstyle. The Great Gatsby and feathers of the roaring 20’s, art deco 30’s, to the black and white patterns typical of the 1940’s, with my favourite the big band era and Hollywood glamour, Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers.

Then going on to the teddy boy quiff and the ducktail era of the 50’s with its puffa skirts and tea parties with china teacups, not forgetting #iloverockandroll. Leading to the carefree days of the 60’s, flower power and floaty skirts.

So, you can see how diverse vintage can be with each era having its own identity, so the first thing is think about a specific time, then personalise it to suit you and your venue.

Johnny from Aleit Wedding Co-ordination points out that “the biggest word when designing a vintage wedding is miss-match"

Get inspired by looking around antique shops, flea markets and car boots to see what catches your eye, to help you decide what vintage means to you.

In my mind vintage means those little details that no one has thought of, such as a personal love poem tied around a tea cup, pearls draped on chairs, unique items for centrepieces, nothing being the same. The sentence that sums up vintage to me is a ‘playful atmosphere’

Try to think outside the vintage suitcase box! There is no right or wrong.

Table centre pieces is your chance to get creative, using vintage tea tins that hold wild flowers. Using pages of old sheet music laid out to decorate the cake table or using rusty keys display for your table plan, records, antique cameras, distressed mirrors, and #birdcages can be used to create a vintage theme with no table decoration the same.

Glass and tea cups of all shapes stacked on old books, draping with pearls or a single rose decorated with baby’s breath. Vintage frames to hold table numbers or names. All very simple and elegant.

Adding furniture to a venue can be both practical and a show stopper. Distressed, shabby chic draws can fit perfectly into the vintage look, and can be used as a ‘ #Pimpupprosecco table. Or as a cookie table or even the ever-popular cheese cake and chutneys.

Other vintage props to keep your guests active could include a typewriter were guest can leave the lovely couple a special message. Outdoor lawn games such as splat the rat and coconut shy, deck chairs for a relaxing seating area are a great way to add vintage feel and good fun for all.

Don’t forget the photo booth idea. Get a vintage suitcase filed with any sort of prop and find some old frames. Get a moped or a camper van to have your picture taken on. Go the extra mile and create a background or add old chairs, deck chairs and furniture from your era to the set.

Vintage never goes out of fashion and is here to stay. Whether a stand alone era style or mixed with rustic, vintage is timeless and elegant, so have some fun.

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