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5 Things that you really need to think about as you plan your perfect wedding!!

Pick your decorations based on your location. Look at the colours used in your venue’s carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the venue has strong colours, you’ll need to select a scheme that complements. The setting may well suggest the colour scheme for you. Remember, Innovation with an injection of creativity and imagination is what makes the WOW wedding. Older buildings can have very rich, over-patterned curtains and carpets. For outdoor weddings, look for fresh and light colours that suggest the brilliance of outdoors.

What time of year will your nuptials take place.

The time of day and season you are getting married makes a difference e.g. an evening wedding in the winter may require darker colours, extra candles and muted flowers, while an afternoon wedding in the summer may require light airy colours, bright flowers and handheld fans for guests to cool themselves in the heat.

Consider your colour schemes, to help you tie everything together. Use a colour wheel to help you decide on accent colours. Think about your individual style, venue and what suits you. The complexity or simplicity of colour schemes are another part of your decision and these will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and patience!


What’s your style? True luxury for me, is focusing on quality and not quantity within those areas. In your wedding styling, all elements should have a particular style to make a cohesive wedding design that flows beautifully from one space to another. Nothing should feel disjointed or forced - I personally try to steer away from having a theme, think the DRESS style, colour palette and mood which will then inform your style and help with other decorations and ideas.


Draw a map of your wedding area and label areas for your wedding decoration choices. When deciding how to choose the right decorations for your wedding, consider the pews, gift and cake tables, bathrooms, guest book table, food and tables, chairs, walls, doors, ceilings and floors, areas where you may need to add colour or decorations, or areas that you want to hide or show off. Remember, the importance on individual design and detailing.


Once you have decided, stop looking at Pinterest or other designs. There are so many wonderful, special, individual and beautiful ideas you COULD have but once you have decided stop looking for inspiration.

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